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Pet Living Quarters

All pets require some type of Living Quarters. It may be a special corner with an old rug or it could be just about as nice as a small house.

Living quarters for pets come in many sizes, shapes, colors. Wood, metal, glass, plastic and fabric are common materials. Choosing the right one can sometimes be frustrating due to so many choices. You should however research you pets needs before you spend your money.
How large will the pet get?
Does it need extra space to separate food from potty?
Will the quarters be portable?
Will my pet be comfortable?
These questions need to be answered before purchasing appropriate quarters.

Remember that once you introduce you pet to it's quarters to let it be the pet's castle. If your favorite fish goes into hiding when someone enters "it's space" let the fish decide when to come out. Don't disturb it to show someone... wait to see it come out on it's own.

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